Deleted files being recreated

  1. There’s the regular timestamps, they are from when the line was written, and sometimes when the log is about a file timestamp of a file, it also outputs that.
  2. Any line mentioning the file that got resurrected. I’d expect that info might already be enough to tell you what’s happening.
  3. Depends on you mostly: If any of your file-names are sensitive (as in you don’t want them seen publicly), then yes you shouldn’t post it here clearly. Device IDs and IPs is debatable, some people don’t want to do it, others don’t care. A device ID could be used against you to spam your Syncthing setup with invites. but I have never heard of that happening.

I’m unable to see any of the re-creations in the logs. I’m obviously missing something in this process. Sorry.

I’m so appreciative and grateful for those who offered advice here. I’m also quite thoroughly embarrassed that a suggestion that these re-creations might be happening at a point other than Syncthing, I think has turned out to be correct. I had tested that possibility, but obviously not thoroughly enough. I’m quite sure now that the problem was not being caused by Syncthing.


These things happen to the best of us. Glad you’re closer to a resolution!

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