Deleted camera roll photos are synced as empty folders

I’m running into a weird issue when syncing from my Android phone’s camera roll to my laptop (Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS)

Basically whenever I remove photos off my phone by deleting them in the synced directory on my laptop, they still appear on my phone as empty folders with the names of the original files, which are then synced back to my laptop. BTsync and other methods of file sync don’t seem to create/sync the empty directories, but SyncThing does.

The same thing happens when I sync to my windows 7 machine. Is there maybe some kind of metadata Syncthing is sending that would be confusing the Android file manager?

I suspect the other way around, some Android app doing some funny business.

Hmmm… the only other Android app involved here is the default Google Photos (gallery) app, which stores/displays the photos on the device. I have cloud upload deactivated though, natch.

This typically gets reported about photos on Android:

I’ve never heard it reproduced without involving Android.

Oh wow, is there a workaround for this? Maybe you could avoid the folders if you just tell it to not sync subdirectories of the sync folder. @Nutomic are you aware of this?

What version of Android are you running?

There’s an open issue for this, unfortunately it’s not fixed yet

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