Deleted 0 byte folders on untrusted device

On an untrusted device I found thousands of zero-byte folders amongst encrypted files and folders. And I deleted them. I now realize I shoudln’t have. Syncthing now displays an error message “Unexpected Items” and lists all deleted folders as “Locally Changed Items”. How can I undo this? The “Revert Local Changes” button does nothing. Isn’t it supposed to fix this?

Done some experimenting. If I delete a file in an untrusted folder from the untrusted server, the button “Revert Local Changes” doesn’t redownload the file. So it doesn’t work properly. Though it does revert added folders and directories, or modifications to encrypted files. Why not restoring deleted files and folders? Can this be considered a bug?

Maybe related:

That is more of a GUI problem if I understand correctly

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