Delete SyncthingServiceAcct folder?

My Syncthing program files are saved to C: drive but I’m syncing files to a secondary storage drive.

Is there a way to delete or hide the SyncthingServiceAcct folder from the user file of my C: drive?

Presumably you installed Syncthing using Syncthing Windows Setup, and you installed using administrative installation mode (which installs the Windows service)?

For this case, Syncthing starts using that user account. The folder you see in the Users directory is the account’s user profile folder, so no, you cannot delete or hide it as long as you are running the service.

If you uninstall the service, you can delete the user profile folder using these steps:

  1. Open a PowerShell window as administrator
  2. Run the command SystemPropertiesAdvanced to display the Windows System Properties dialog
  3. In the User Profiles section of the System Properties dialog, Click the Settings... button
  4. Find the profile in the list and click Delete
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