Delete existing directory with ignore pattern

Hi Thank you for your grate software. I got a directory, when i add it to ignore pattern it not deleted. with (?d). I tried with empty directories too.

A)create ignore pattern for folder. B)add folder in c1, the folder don’t copy to c2.

A)folder exist. B)create ignore pattern for folder in c2. C)folder remains in c2.

Thank you samuel

Ignores are just ignores. Syncthing doesn’t care if they exist or not or if remote devices have them.

Syncthing won’t delete directories just because you add them to ignores.

The (?d) prefix is for files / dirs which should be deleted if they are the only file(s) / dir(s) preventing their parent dir to be deleted by syncthing (because a remote device deleted it).


Thank you very much for the clear answer and your time.

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