Default folder path became capitalised

Hi, using a 3-system setup with 2x Mac and 1x Linux, all running 1.3.0.

In all systems the Default Folder path was set to “~/sync/”, and auto accept was enabled.

Everything was fine when it was just a 2-system config, with 1 Mac and 1 Linux system, but when I added the additional Mac and after many hours of waiting for syncing to complete, I now have this strange situation:

  • On the original Mac and Linux systems all folders are under “~/sync/” (e.g. ~/sync/houses, ~/sync/pictures) as expected.
  • On the last added machine (Mac), the folders are under “~/Sync/” (e.g. ~/Sync/houses, ~/Sync/pictures). NOTE the Capitalisation of Sync.
  • On all 3 machines, the web GUI shows under Folder Path the lowercase version of “sync”.
  • On all 3 machines the config.xml also contains only references to lowercase “sync”.
  • And yet, only on the last Mac, the directory name in the filesystem is capital “Sync”.

Any idea how this could have happened?

Can I rename capital Sync directory to lowercase sync without having to do a complete scan and sync again? If there is a way, how should I go about it?

Many thanks!

Sync existed before syncthing had a chance to create it. It was potentially created by btsync/resilio.

Macs are case insensitive, so you should be ok just to rename the folder, but as I always say, back it up.

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