Default folder in v1.1.0 isn't created with useLargeBlocks = true

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Installed Syncthing freshly and noticed this on advanced settings:

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Manually adding a new folder through Web UI causes useLargeBlocks to be true by default.

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Yeah, the default is only set to true in javascript, not in the Go code. Probably issue worthy.

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Where to enable useLargeBlocks for the default folder in Linux?

In Windows, I find it in the per folder advance setting, as stated in the documentation.

Do I need to change this per machine? Any machine? Or the “owner” of the shared folder? (how to determine which machine is the “owner”?)

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The default folder is just a regular Syncthing folder named “default”. In advanced settings each folder has a separate section (below “GUI” and “Options”), so there should also be settings for this one. If there is not please post a screenshot.


In the current version, you have a “Variable Size Block” setting in the advanced tab of the normal edit folder dialog.

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