Default folder in v1.1.0 isn't created with useLargeBlocks = true

Installed Syncthing freshly and noticed this on advanced settings:

Manually adding a new folder through Web UI causes useLargeBlocks to be true by default.

Yeah, the default is only set to true in javascript, not in the Go code. Probably issue worthy.

Where to enable useLargeBlocks for the default folder in Linux?

In Windows, I find it in the per folder advance setting, as stated in the documentation.

Do I need to change this per machine? Any machine? Or the “owner” of the shared folder? (how to determine which machine is the “owner”?)

The default folder is just a regular Syncthing folder named “default”. In advanced settings each folder has a separate section (below “GUI” and “Options”), so there should also be settings for this one. If there is not please post a screenshot.

In the current version, you have a “Variable Size Block” setting in the advanced tab of the normal edit folder dialog.

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