decrypt exact syntax on Linux Arch

I am trying to test the decrypt command and after taking a look in this forum, documentation, and command -help I can’t be sure of the exact syntax and failed doing it.

I tried (with =, without = )

This : syncthing decrypt --token-path=/home/user/Encryptedfolder --to=/home/user/destination

syncthing decrypt --token-path /home/user/Encryptedfolder --to /home/user/destination

I tried those variations with --password mypassword and --password=mypassword

I always endup with errors about the path. ( ERROR EXPECTED PATH)


  • is = needed or both works with and without = ?

I also tried with the folder ID without success (–folder-id=THEFOLDERID

OK I got it.

  1. we can use = or not for the passwords and --to arguments

The following worked

syncthing decrypt ‘/home/yoda/Anonymous Laptop/’ --password mypassword --to /home/yoda/Downloads

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