Decrypt error on Linux Arch

I am having difficulty using(testing) the decrypt command on the non trusted PC (Linux)

syncthing decrypt --to /home/yoda/Downloads --password mypassword /home/yoda/test

No --folder-id given and couldn’t read folder token syncthing: error: decrypt.CLI.Run(): getting folder ID: reading folder token: open /home/yoda/test/.stfolder/syncthing-encryption_password_token: no such file or directory

Anyway idea ?

In the doc it says to use password=mypassord I also tried without success tks !!

The folder ID is needed for decryption. It’s stored in the file mentioned in the error, assuming that /home/yoda/test is an encrypted folder root. You can also enter it manually on the command line using an option, assuming you know what it is (can be seen in Syncthing on either side).

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Tks !!! I missed that part

Documentation should be tweaked a bit

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