Deciding between a Send/Receive + Receive Only, or Send Only + Receive only, for a backup solution

I have a device running syncthing receiving multiple home directories. Right now, these partnerships are set as Send/Receive on this node, since I have not changed the default setting. Since this device should not have local modifications (as per the documentation describing it as a “backup desetination”), I’m going to make it Receive only.

However I am not 100% certain whether the backup origins should be Send/Receive or Send Only.

I can think of one case where the backup origins should be Send/Receive. In a partnership where all backup origins all need to participate in edits obviously they should be Send/Receive. Otherwise if they are all Send Only, local changes on any device will result in the “Override changes” button appearing on each and neither will be able to override each other.


Send/Receive <-> Send/Receive <-> Send/Receive —> Receive Only

However if the backup origin is a single pc, it would seem Send Only or Send/Receive make no difference.

For example

A) Send/Receive --> Receive only

B) Send Only --> Receive only

So my question is, in the condition that a folder only has a pair of devices, what would be the point of a Send Only folder partnered with a Receive only folder? It seems the only point would be to make extra certain that the originating device doesn’t receive changes, if the backup destination is misconfigured as Send/Receive.

Indeed. No point.

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