Debian / Ubuntu packages

Great to see the addition of the repos, this should help us novice users get up and running much faster.

Two quick questions:

  1. Are there start-up scripts included with the package? Are they enabled by default?
  2. Does the install automatically create a user/group for the daemon?

cheers, J.

The package currently only has the binary in /usr/bin and some docs in /usr/share/docs (if I remember correctly) No startup script, daemon or user/group (that i found).

Syncthing is intended to run as the user using it. Something could be rigged as mentioned in the other thread, although this might need tweaking for upstart/systemd/normal init and so on possibly.

For systemd there is a user unit in the repo which runs syncthing as the user issuing the command:

$ systemctl --user start syncthing.service

A user unit is also bound to an active user session. Syncthing is only started when you have logged in successfully. I have written about it in the wiki.

Alternatively, when you want to ensure syncthing running without an active user session, just use the templated system unit:

# systemctl start syncthing@myuser.service

That might be interesting for keeping syncthing running on a server or a raspberry pi. I have just added a few sentences about when to use which service to the wiki.