Database migration 1.6.0~rc2-rc4

A new experiment and clean install after purging ST, deleting ~/config/syncthing. I started with 1.5.0 on both sides and all synced as expected. Adding or deleting files no problems.

I upgraded to 1.6.0-rc4 on one side, and again no problems.

Upgraded the other side to 1.6.0-rc4 and everything is stable and working as expected.

I have start-up console logs from both sides and a screenshot after the successful restart with both sides on 1.6.0-rc4 but I guess if all is working again you won’t need these.

Again, thanks for your help. I assume the changes between -rcs solved the problem described at Database migration 1.6.0~rc2-rc4 (second screenshot).

@imsodin, did I hit bug #6668? My test at Database migration 1.6.0~rc2-rc4 might have succeeded because I randomly updated one side and not the other first. Just guessing!

Yes, likely if the out-of-sync count differs from the actually displayed items when clicking on the count - which is the case for you. I suggest to not spending more time on this until the fix gets merged and rc.5 released.

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