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I am running Syncthing on Windows and the default path of the database is in C:/Users. The problem is I do not have space in this drive and would like to move it to my D:/ but can not find how to do so.

Any help is appreciated. thanks.

This depends on how you’ve installed Syncthing in the first place. Are you using just the syncthing.exe binary file or a wrapper like SyncTrayzor?

If it’s just the binary, then you can specify a custom location for the database using the --data flag (see I’d suggest to shut Syncthing down first, then move the current database to the new location, then start Syncthing again with the aforementioned flag.

If you’re unsure what you’re doing, please test with a test instance of Syncthing first or at least make sure you’ve got all essential files backed up.

Hey! Thank you very much for your help. I had a look into this, by the way, where am I supposed to introduce the --data to change the directory in windows? the terminal does not look to accept commands. I’m a little lost and the link does not clarify this a lot!

Thank you again.

To make it permanent, the easiest method would be to create a shortcut to syncthing.exe and add it to the command there.

However, if you’re unsure how to run a binary with a flag in Windows, then I’d advise once again to be extra careful when doing this whole database move operation. If you point it at an empty folder, then Syncthing will run as if the database has been reset, which potentially can lead to conflicts and undeleted files. That’s why it’s important to move the current database first and only then start Syncthing pointing at its new location.

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Sure there is no problem with that I just do not really know how to make Syncthing to point to that direction! Where and I supposed to type this command? I’m running a bit crazy haha

thanks a lot mate

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