Dat project comparison

I’ve been using Syncthing for years and love it. I can’t say thank you and excellent work to the developers enough. I also as a hobby like to learn about decentralized, open source software projects in general. Somehow I had totally missed until today the Dat project which appears to have very similar goals to Syncthing. Has anyone compared these two software projects? Do @AudriusButkevicius or @calmh know anything about them? The technology they created might complement or serve as inspiration to Syncthing.


From the getting started guide, it seems that the main use case is one-off synchronization, similar to rsync. Also it seems to be written in Javascript.

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From the getting started guide14, it seems that the main use case is one-off synchronization

That’s not the impression I get, looks to me more like it’s supposed to work more like version control software, but optimised for binary files. I.e. syncing does not happen automatically by default, but rather is instigated manually. Looks like there is, however, an option to sync automatically, for a given folder.

It seems to require your file location information to be stored on a public registry somewhere. Quite different from syncthing’s public discovery server.