cyrillic in the filenames problem

Hello I use syncthing on 3 machines - windows 7, mac and debian server. Many of my filenames are in cyrillic. The synchronisation between windows and mac for these files is fine - no problems. The issue is syncing windows with debian. Files with cyrillic filenames are synced , but the names are changed irreversibly. Example: from windows to debian -> the file ябълка.txt becomes ябълка.txt from debian to windows -> the file ябълка.txt becomes ???.txt Apparently it is encoding problem, but my configuration on both machines is default - I haven’t done anything special to break the encoding. I know by another post I’ve read, that encoding must be UTF-8, but I’m not familiar enough with the problem and need some more practical advice. One more clue - the problem is not OS/filesystem level, as with winscp uploading and downloading files with cyrillic in the names works fine in both directions. Any ideas how to solve this issue? Please don’t tell, that I have to rename all my cyrillic named files, as they are thousands.

It could be due to an incorrect locale in Debian. See what locale returns.

If you modify one of the strange files (just content), does the name on remote machines stay the same, and just the content gets synced?

Thanks AudriusButkevicius My debian locales are not set for Cyrillic and this contributed for my confusion (but I knew it wasn’t right and just ignored it). The other (more important) reason was the fact, that I over-trusted winscp. I just installed filezila and it shows freshly synced files on the server side just right. When I check the same files with winscp , they look as I described above. So syncthing works fine and the problem is with winscp encoding. Now my only issue to solve left is to configure debian shell to deal correctly with Cyrillic file-names , but this question is not for this forum. Thank you again!