Cut and Paste from synced folder not working properly

I’ve got synced folder between three machines all with the correct permissions and so on. If I add a file or directory to the folder, all is good. Delete, working fine. If I cut from the folder and paste to a non-synced folder the file moves but Syncthing doesn’t remove the file from the synced folder on the other machines.

Is this expected functionality or is there something to configure for Syncthing to detect the cut from directory. I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19 with the same issue on both.

I assume you have watching for changes enabled and the delete gets recognised if you hit the rescan button in the web UI? If this is true, please enable the watchaggregator and model debug facilities under actions->logs and provide the logs during the time you do the move (and at least 1min after).

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