"Cross Sharing" same folder between 3+ computers

Hi everyone,

I’m testing a setup where I have 3 or more computers with a single huge shared folder. Initially I was using a basic setup having a “main” computer (A) that shared this folder with two others (B and C). But they are all desktops that will not be always on, including the “main” computer. So I changed the settings to any computer share to with 2 others so I have:

A > B,C
B > A,C
C > A,C

Looks like everything is working well.

Anyway, I would like to ask if there is anything that I would be worried about, risks on file corruption, lost of sync status that will make syncthing rebuild or anything else?

Only as an addition information, although I don’t think it is in any way reely relevant. I have windows, macs and linuxes and computers that have dual boot so, actually I ended up with at least 5 “computers”, so B have a Windows/Linux dual boot and C have Mac/Linux Dualboot

Any thought or tip would be very welcome Thanks

That’s what Syncthing is designed for. :+1:

great, thanks for your answer.