Creation of syncthing-enc folders without any untrusted devices

None the devices on my Syncthing have “untrusted” turned on, but I’ve got a bunch of syncthing-enc folders. I tried shutting down syncthing, deleting them, and then starting it again but to no avail. It’s a bit of an issue because there’s big files stored in there and I don’t want them all doubling up.

Also of note this is being displayed in the console (once for each syncthing-enc folder) every now and then

syncing: handling dir (setting permissions): chmod REDACTED/N.syncthing-enc: operation not permitted

The “untrusted” tickbox is only an additional precaution to prevent yourself from sharing folders other than Receive Encrypted by mistake. You can still share a mix of Receive Encrypted and other type folders without ticking the “untrusted” box.

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“Receive encrypted” is not set on any of the folders, they are all set to “Send & Receive”

This should only exist in Receive Encrypted folders. How does the content of your folder looks like? Are all folders like N.syncthing-enc or are there normal folders?

No there are normal folders and files as well.