Creates extra "Camera" subdirectory [Solved]

I’ve got Syncthing set up to copy photos taken from my android phone to a folder on an external drive, one-way sync only, so that photos deleted on the phone are not deleted on the external drive. It works great, except for one thing, it adds an extra “Camera” directory to the path for the external drive.

Suppose the destination folder for the external drive is configured as /media/external/2016 I would expect Syncthing to dump all photos from my phone into the 2016 directory. Instead, it creates a new “Camera” subdirectory, and dumps the photos there. So even though the path configured for the external drive is /media/external/2016, Syncthing syncs to /media/external/2016/Camera. Syncthing creates the Camera subdirectory on its own, without input from me.

Why? What can I do to have Syncthing use the path that is configured instead of creating a Camera subdirectory?

Syncthing has no knowledge of the word Camera, so it creates it because it’s present on the other side. Probably you have set /something/wherever as the folder root, and you things are actually in /something/wherever/Camera.

As expected, problem was with the path on the Android phone. Solved!

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