Create multiple .stignore files in the same folder path

Hi everyone,

I’m new on Syncthing. I did some tests to see how .stignore files works.

Yet I have a problem that I can’t create multiple .stignore files on the same directory. If I change one in one folder, it erases the second file which is in an another folder that uses the same repository root.

For example, I’d like to have a lot of different .stignore files which have differents “rules” applying to different devices (and so users) on the same folder path.

Is it possible to create and edit multiple .stignore files for several folders (in Syncthing) which have the same repository root?

Thanks for your help


Why would you want per device ignores? The devices themself can set different ignores on their side, so you don’t need different ignores on your device.

Because i’m working with remotes and i want to define myself the different ignores for each remote or group of remotes.

Normally they don’t have to edit the ignore list, because they get back what I send to them.

Otherwise, is it possible to create multiple ignores for several users according to their devices in one file ?

No, ignores is per folder, not per device. If all of your folders are at the same root, tough luck.

Best I can suggest is creating separate folders and hardlinking the relevant directories in, this way getting multiple roots.

Ok, I will try your suggestion.

Thanks for your help

I don’t think you can hardlink directories can you? It’s only possible with files.

I think you can junction/reparse point in windows atleast.

I think bind mounts would be the way to go in linux.

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