Crash on changing udp6 address

hi there. since I set up my own announcement server on my rpi and changing the udp6 address from [what:ever] to my address (udp6:// the app crashes every start.

I think the raspberry got no ipv6 address in my datacenter :frowning: do I need to install syncthing again or is there another solution?

“the app” being Syncthing, or the announce server?

the syncthing app… announcement server is working fine :relaxed:

Crash log?

where can I find it? :grin:

Ah, this is on Android? Then I don’t know, sorry. Someone who does should chime in shortly. :smile:

This is probably a bug, file an issue here. Also note that the syncthing-android app does not resolve DNS addresses at the moment. You need to use the ip address. Read this howto to get a log.

ok… any idea to fix it without installing?

what do you mean? Did you try using an ip address?

no because the app crashes right after starting it…

Can only be fixed manually if you have a rooted device. If so, use adb shell, cd /data/data/com.nutomic* and edit the config.xml file. Without root, you’ll need to ‘clear all data’ via the android->apps window or reinstall the app.

thanks… I did what you said… and its strange: the announcement addresses are correct - but my device id is AAAAAAA-etc…

Feel free to upload a log

I did… or do you mean here?

btw: if you need some translation for the german playstore entry, I could help. I’m already helping translate the app on transifex, but couldn’t find the strings for the playstore…

Ping @Nutomic


here it is syncthing_bugreport.txt (10.9 KB) happy debugging :flushed:

I just added the texts to Transifex, you can translate them there.

Best notify us when you’re done, because we need to copy that to Google Play manually.

done :blush:

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Wow people are fast, Chinese and Russian are also finished!

@Zillode Do you see any way to automate the “copy from Transifex to Google Play” process?