Crash on Android version

I seem to have hit a reproducible crash on the Android version of Syncthing. I submitted a crash report to the Google Play marketplace, but figured I would give more information here in case it helps debug and fix the problem.

My configuration is pretty simple. I have two folders configured, and one remote device. If I open the app, tap the “DEVICES” tab, and then press and hold on the one device that I have configured (I also just tried doing a single tap and got the same crash), the app will crash and ask me to submit a crash dump to the Google Play store.

The only “weird” thing that I can think of is that I originally added the device to the Android app, I had “dynamic” listed under “Addresses”. I then changed the address through the Android UI to be a static address. When I was looking to change it back to “dynamic” to test another issue, I noticed the crash. I ultimately ended up using the web interface on the Android device to change the address back to dynamic. However, the crash remains.

I have a fair bit of experience with Android development, and have a development environment set up on many machines. So, let me know if getting logs out of logcat, or doing anything else on the device would help in debugging. I don’t have a lot of spare time, but if needed, I am willing to look at source and assist in any other way with debugging.


Logs are always helpful, but I think there is a similar issue already reported on github (which was caused due to API changes). You could at least add your logs there as a reference to help the guys out.


I’ll grab some logs this afternoon and add them.


Did you upgrade from a previous version?

If so, it’s probably #256 (we’ll make a new release for that in the next days).

Btw, contributions for any issues are always welcome :wink: