Copying the "folder id" to a new folder

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My two computers “A” (Windows 10) and “B” (Raspberry Pi) were syncing a folder called “backup” without any issues. Unfortunately I had a hard disk problem in computer “B” which has already been replaced. I created again the folder “backup” on computer “B” and set all the right Linux permissions, but how can I set the same folder ID from computer “A” in computer “B”?

Reading the Syncthing FAQ (FAQ — Syncthing documentation - Section “Can I help initial sync by copying files manually?”) it states in step 3:

“Create the folder on the remote device, and copy the Folder ID from the folder on the local device, as we want the folders to be considered the same. Then wait until scanning the folder is done.”

My question is: how can I effectively copy the folder ID to the folder in computer “B”? The only way I found was to add the folder in computer “B”, editing the “config.xml” file in the user config, replacing the randomly generated ID by the same as in computer “A”, starting Syncthing and finally sharing the folder in computer “A” with the computer “B”. Even though it works, the process is a little bit cumbersome and therefore I would like to know whether there is another way to just copy the folder ID (for instance like editing it in the GUI).

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Press the add folder button, fill in the folder id and path in the dialog, click save. :slight_smile:

Please also make sure you’re running the current version of Syncthing. There was a bug in one version in the past where you couldn’t edit the folder ID when adding it using the GUI.

Thank you very much for your help! I works! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I missed that when I was adding the folder… Anyway problem solved!

Have a nice rest of the week.

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Thanks for the hint. I’m currently running the latest versions on both computers!

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