Copy to new installation


The company that I work for uses syncthing to sync files across employees. The laptop that I’m using is having issues with the distro lately hence I want to install a new distro on it. I would like to change the syncthing to the new distro. How would I set that up? Do I have to copy all files to the new system or can I copy just the keys and config.xml from the .config/syncthing/ folder to the new distro?

Hoping for some tips, thank you in advance.

The safe way is indeed to keep keys and config (potentially adjusting folder paths if they changed in the transition), and not keep the database (index-db… dir).

Ok, thank you for the advice, so just installing syncthing and then copying the config + keys to the new distro in the .config/syncthing folder and starting syncthing would automatically download the files from the fileserver? I don’t wanna accidentally delete all files.

Yes. If the data already exists locally, it will first hash that, then it looks like it’s syncing (because it needs to compare the data with remotes) and then it’s done. Otherwise it will just download the data. If you still want be extra cautious, you could set all folders to receive-only type, ensure it gets in sync and then back to send-receive.


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