copy, delete, ignore

I would like to copy files, have them sync then remove them from the source folder, without them deleting from the target folder.

Folder A. Send Only. Folder B. Receive Only. FileA Gets created in Folder A. FileA gets synced (copied) to Folder B. FileA gets deleted from Folder A. Currently FileA also deletes from Folder B.

Is there a way to not have the file delete from Folder B?

I have tried to ‘Ignore Delete’ on Folder B, but it goes into Out of Sync.

Is it possible for this to be configured in this way?

Thanks for the help!

I think the combination of recv-only and ignore-delete leads to some status oddity like this in the current releases, imsodin fixed something about it recently. Otherwise you’re on the right track, at least with ignore-delete on the receiving side. That’s how you do it.

OK. So the source folder will always be ‘syncing’ and the target folder will always be ‘out of sync’?

And there’s no way to correct?

thanks, I appreciate the help!

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