Controlling other's ignores

Hey all, me again We use included ignores to control ignore setting from other computers on the network. I would like, when I set the sync on new computers,to be able to have default ignores he has to use. For now we need to make him ignore all except the .stignore file we created for him, sync that file, then change his ignore setting again to include it

Is there a proper way to make him instal the sync with ignores correctly set all in one share? Best,

You can set up default ignore patterns for newly added folders, just as every other option, using the “Edit Folder Defaults” button under Settings. That has to be done on each device though, but only once and then applies to all future folders.

Sounds like what you really need is some kind of central management for a cluster of Syncthing nodes?

This is actually exactly what I do. What you can do here is to add something like


to the default ignore patterns on the device in question, so that you don’t need to add that manually every time when you add a new folder.

Still, a manual intervention will be required on the device itself later in order to remove the * and include your custom patterns file.

Ok thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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