Contributing with proper `PR` title rules

As I continue to study the community conventions for Syncthing development, I notice that there appears to be a naming convention being used for the titles of pull requests, such as how there are usually prefixes including gui, lib, etc., and I notice that they apparently can be combined using commas, such as gui, man, authors:, with the final prefix being followed by a colon even if there is only one prefix. (Whereas in some commits, the prefixs are separated by slashes, such as lib/config, lib/ignore: — I get the feelign those are equivalent to directory indicators.)

Is there a list of these prefixes, and the contexts which should trigger their use, available for me to study? If not, I can build one and make it available, by way of combing through the history of PRs and commits in the history of the project.

Have you actually read our contribution guidelines yet? There is even a section on the code directory structure, which is what we prefix the PR titles with (mostly it’s what Go calls a “package”). That list might be a bit outdated, I haven’t checked recently. If you want to bring it up to date with the code, that would be a welcome contribution. Just please keep the edits to what’s necessary and don’t digress in unrelated formatting changes.

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Generally those correspond to components/directories. When a PR involves too many, they get “merged”, e.g. lib: instead of lib/model, lib/db, lib/protocol:
again, I’d consider not spending time on formalities. if you get this wrong on a PR, it doesn’t matter. someone will explain how it’s done correctly as a sidenote to the relevant review.

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Oooh, I have read the guide, but the instructions you have linked appear at least somewhat more detailed! :hushed: Thank you for pointing me in a better direction for self-study.