Continue sync on Puller error - Solved

Synching is really great, and given it’s not yet hit version 1, bound to get even better. One major problem, though is that when it has a problem, it continually retries. This means that if it’s a problem it can’t resolve, syncing stops - dead.

When a snag is hit, probably the better course of action is to mark the error point for return on the next cycle, then continue with the next file (or directory if the problem was with a directory).

The major problem I’m currently facing is that no sync is happening because the puller just retries the problem file. It’s going to take a while to resolve, because in order to fix the problem, I have to find out what the problem is. To do this I have to enable more verbose logging. To do this, I have to find out how syncthing starts up at system startup. To do this I have to find out what scripts the apt-get install created, and where. You get the idea - days or weeks of research, and all the while, no syncing.

Best Regards, Richard.

No, Syncthing moves on to the next file when it encounters a problem, and only complains about it when there are only failed files left.

Aha - so it’s already done the way I was suggesting? Does that mean then, that when the notices are shown it’s nearly 100% synced?

Yes, should be - the percentage is in there as well. Next release will show the affected file names directly in the gui.