Connections being blocked for seemingly no good reason

Hi all

I have Syncthing 1.20.2. It works, but, on Windows (Windows 10 Pro - 21H2 [2009: 19044]), I see the following in my firewall log - or, more accurately, in the log as presented by a program that I use called Windows Firewall Control.

I see the bunch of blocked connections only when my VPN is enabled, even though my VPN software is set to ignore Syncthing (i.e. to give Syncthing direct access to the Internet). Can anyone shed any light? Thanks.

I’d like to be rid of the messages (because it might indicate that something somewhere is wrong but also because this sort of log flooding wastes resources and makes it harder to identify problems that are more serious).

This seems like a question for your VPN and/or firewall software?


Thanks for the reply. I did ask the creator of Windows Firewall Control. He said that the problem owed to the functioning of the windows firewall and that nothing could be done about it. (I had told the windows firewall to allow all Syncthing connections - but to no avail.) I persisted in thinking that something might be done and, having seen a seemingly relevant issue on the Syncthing bugtracker, I wondered whether light might be forthcoming from the Syncthing end, so to speak. If that proves false then I could write to my VPN provider.

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