Connection to [DEVICE] closed: reading length: EOF

One of my devices (used to work) suddenly doesn’t connect anymore to the other clients and all they do is repeatedly logging:

[WorkingClient] 12:20:37 INFO: Established secure connection to DefectiveClient at [some:ip6]:51195-[some:ip6]:22001 (TCP (Client)) [WorkingClient] 11:59:28 INFO: Device [DefectiveClient] client is “syncthing v0.14.9” named “DefectiveClient Name” [WorkingClient] 11:59:28 INFO: Connection to [DefectiveClient] closed: reading length: EOF

This is being logged every 15 seconds. What is going on there?

Something’s terminating the connection. I suspect a firewall?

A firewall is highly unlikely because on the DefectiveClient runs another client (different userspace), which can connect to the other clients. Also, this is in the local network, so router firewalls are out and I configured the client’s firewalls to allow syncthing to work. What else could terminate a connection?

The other side can decide to close the connection to cause an EOF, look at the logs from both sides.

Thanks, the client (somehow) forgot the nodes, just had to re-add them!

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