Connection seems hopelessly broken between two sites

Hi there. I set up Syncthing for the first time a couple months ago and was immediately able to sync successfully with another new site. It ran for a couple weeks adding files without issues. Then I had internet hardware issues and lost my connection for a few days; though now I have my connection is back to the way it was (router on gateway mode). Since my connection has been back, the other site has only shown ‘DISCONNECTED’.

The uPnP request is working on my side, but it is for 22000 internal and 30730 external. I’m not sure if this is correct or not because any comment I read regarding ports for syncthing indicates that it should be 22000 on both sides or at least the same on both sides.

Other things I have tried:

  • I have tried activating many of the debug services to see if I could see anything obviously wrong, such as the tracker obtaining incorrect IP address but I have not seen any resolved IPs in the log
  • Both sides have been restarted many times
  • I have removed the remote site and added it again to my side and there has been no difference
  • A telnet to my external IP port 30730 is able to go through, so the uPnP entry is active and working.

Can anyone suggest what to try? Specifically I would like to see a message such as:

  • Querying tracker for [remote site]
  • Got [ip_address:port] for [remote site]

Then I could confirm the addresses are corrected. As of right now I do not know what IPs are coming from the tracker.

connections logging facility prints discovered addresses and connection attempts. There is plenty of prior art in the forums debugging connection issues, so please try checking that out first.

I just realized that I was misinterpreting a line in the connection log. I can see that it is getting the wrong IP from a tracker. I will research in the forum how to correct the IP that is being resolved for this site.

The other site ended up reinstalling Syncthing and that seems to have cleared whatever was stuck. From what I can see, either the other site was updating the tracker with the wrong dynamic IP or not at all. Once reinstalled the app updated with correct IP again.

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