Connection prioriy (DIRECT - relay)

(Ушаков Роман Николаевич) #1

I have own Sycthing server with direct port mapping from internet on port 22000. Also i have own relay server with open ports 22070 and 22063. But when i tri to add this server from other computers with defaults settings, many times connection a made from relay. How i can setup to prefer direct conection to server or may own relay instant of public relay.

I wish setup this order : direct connection -> my relay -> public relay

Thank you. Sorry for my english.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

It prefers direct connections when it can establish one,the fact that it’s not connecting directly probably implies that it cannot connect. You can run with STTRACE=connections env var which will print a bit more verbose info where it tries to connect, what addresses it discovered etc.

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