Connecting to Syncthing client from own application


Im trying to connect to my syncthing client from an application I am creating. I can create a connection with the tracker server no problem as I have the right certificates. But however when I want to connect to the client’s syncthing from my application I get a Connection reset in my application and on the syncthing terminal this comes up
In the keystore that I’m using in my application I have the servers certs, and the cert.pem’s I would need so im nearly sure I have all the right certificates. So my question is does anyone know how to solve this or where I could be going wrong?


Well it seems that you aren’t sending any certificates at all? How are you connecting? Via plain TLS?

Im connecting using TLSv1.2

Are you sure you are providing client certificates? Because it seems that you are not.

You can try openssl s_server -accept <port> -cert syncthings.crt -key synchtings.pem with some extra options to verify that your client is sending the certificate, or just using a SSL listening socket in Java.

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