Conflicts generated by the host itself

I’ve been using syncthing for years, with a number of folders and hosts, without major issues. Since v1.22 came out, I’ve been having a strange behaviour:

  1. Create any file, like a txt, on host A and save it;
  2. Wait a few seconds;
  3. Open the file and change it, always on host A;
  4. Wait a few seconds;
  5. File appears as conflict generated by host A. The conflict file is the older version as saved at point (1).

This can accumulate conflicts. Sometimes an edit will not genrate a conflict, but usually it will. Resolving the conflict will only result in it happening again in a short while.

I don’t remember this happening before v1.22. Apparently it’s only that host (Windows 10, x64) doing it. My question here is more how can I get on with pinpointing the issue and to know if there’s perhaps some known regression in v1.22, because this can’t have been going on for long, or there would be many more conlficts (as it is, it’s currently only 3-4 files that only that host regularly edits, and the oldest conflicts are from October 8th).

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Yeah, there is some badness added in 1.22, I’m hacking on it in the background.


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