Conflicting global states


We have a download delivery use case where 2 Syncthing instances (“A” and “B”), in send only mode, share a folder with a client’s Sycnthing instance “C”, which is in receive only mode. “A” is connected to “C” and “B” is connected to “C” to speed up the download, but the ‘servers’ A and B are not connected (as they are in send only mode, so connection would not make sense). The files are uploaded to “A” and “B” and synced via rsync before sharing. As soon as client “C” connects to both “A” and “B”, the global state will start differing and the servers become ‘out of sync’ despite being in send-only mode.

The Debug Endpoints — Syncthing v1.19.1-11-g8d51194 documentation API call reveals that the numBlocks and the sequence property are different on the sharing device and that of the global state.

What configuration item would resolve this issue, potentially?

Big files, really old Syncthing version on one side (old version didn’t use large blocks)? Or, maybe, file has grown over a long while (block size gets decided when the file is first seen and is then “sticky” for a while, so might differ on another device if you rsynced it there instead of letting Syncthing transfer it).

In either case, override from the send only side to resolve.

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