conflict out of thin air

I have a folder that is shared between A, B (syncthing 1.5) and C (syncthing v1.3.3). A and B are modifying files left and right, C is only receiving. There is a subdirectory where I write a few very small files (a monitoring script I’m cobbling on). Machine A writes in file_A, B predictably in file_B, C writes nowhere. The files are 11 bytes each.

Frequent conflicts with machine B on file_B appear. No conflicts appear with A, ever. How do I approach this, how can I get debug info? What could be wrong in theory?

All are linux machines with the folders on local disk storage, the rest of the sync appears to work flawlessly.

Thanks for your ideas…

Update C. Regardless of whether it’s urelated to the issue here or not.

Did these share exist before 1.2.0 and are the conflicting files large (>256MB)?

I’ve updated C, all machines are now running 1.5.0. (I should have done that before posting…)

This share definitely existed before 1.2.0, possibly even before 1.0. But the conflicting files are very very small (11 bytes).

One thing I forgot about is that C is a 32bit environment and thus a 32bit syncthing.

Another little detail: C has staggered file versioning enabled and I take backups from this folder (thus some heavy IO, but it’s not starving the system of resources).

What debug facility would show me conflicts?

I don’t think there’s any debug logging targeted at conflicts. I.e. you’d have to enable model for context and fs to hopefully be able to infer from disk reads what’s going on. However that’s only practicable if you can reproduce, at which point I should be able to debug myself as well.

I’m waiting for it to reproduce after the upgrade to 1.5.0, I’ll let you know…

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