Configuration moved from .config/syncthing to .local/state/syncthing

I just uninstalled and re-installed syncthing on a Raspberry Pi (because its configuration had got thoroughly confused) and found that the configuration is now stored in ~/.local/syncthing/state rather than ~/.config/syncthing.

Has this moved because some OS configuration variable has changed or has syncthing changed it?

It’s not a big problem but I had to explicitly remove the old configuration in ~/.config/syncthing myself (as that was thoroughly confused) so that it didn’t get picked up by the new installation.

New thing to follow the XDG stuff better. ~/.config is supposedly for things that can be shared between machines or whatever, according to those in the know.

OK, thanks, the XDG things are what I meant by “some OS configuration variable”, I just couldn’t remember the name!

It had me very confused for a while. I had cloned one Raspberry Pi system to another and it had the configuration in .config/syncthing. That, not surprisingly, got syncthing (running on both) a little confused. Then I removed .config/syncthing from one system and removed and re-installed syncthing and coudn’t find the configuration (to set the GUI to allow remote access, these are headless Raspberry Pis).

It should cause no confusion to have or keep your config in ~/.config/syncthing, it’s backwards compatible enough that it looks there first if it exists. Otherwise everything would break for everyone on upgrade, which we try to avoid.

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