Concurrency, bug or by design?

1.4.1 rc3

I have two Syncthings running on two windows boxes. #1 concurrency is set to 2, #2 is set to -1. Both are up to date, and both had a couple of folders which showed folders that were out of sync.

#1 (concurrency 2), ignores the request to rescan

#2 (concurrency -1) does run a scan request (although it does stop immediately)

Am I right in thinking that when concurrency is anything greater than 0 then scanning is disabled, or is it a bug?

Concurrency limiting definitely shouldn’t disable scanning. However if you already have more operations than the limit allows, it can’t scan, but should display that it’s waiting to scan.

I assume you hit the rescan button and nothing happens. Any errors in the JS console (F12).

What does that mean?

I don’t recall there being any other scans, but it didn’t flip to waiting to scan, just back to ‘out of sync’. I’ve just restarted St so it will be a while before I can retest it. I will see if I can pause some folders to try and reproduce the ‘error’ again.

On st #2, I clicked on rescan on a ‘out of sync’ folder, it went to ‘scanning’ and about 2 seconds later went back to ‘out of sync’ having never started the sync.

This is #2, they are a little slower to react, maybe as other folders are also scanning, but it shows them being out of sync, scan, then back to out of sync.

New Compressed (zipped) (22.0 KB)

The embedded files didn’t appear to run so I have zipped them

That doesn’t necessarily mean the scan didn’t happen: If there is nothing that changed a scan can be super fast, so fast the UI doesn’t even update. The “last scan time” (or similar) should get updated though.

Scanning is not syncing. If the scan doesn’t detect any changes, no sync/pull will happen afterwards.

A few screenshots are usually enough to convey the important part and much simpler to handle. Anyway there are failed items - a scan or sync won’t do any good until you fix whatever causes the errors displayed there.

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