Commands hang when I try to use files in my sync folder

Hi, I’m running Syncthing on my FreeBSD server with FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p5 and ZFS. I’ve been running this setup with Syncthing for over a year. No major problems until now.

I don’t really know if this problem is related to Syncthing or if it’s something with FreeBSD or ZFS.

I’m syncing files between my OS X laptop and this server. Yesterday I ran a find command (traverse all files in my sync folder). What happened was that this find command on my server just hang in the middle. No further output from find and I can’t even kill this find command with -9.

If I check the find command with ctrl+T to get the state is says

load: 0.21  cmd: find 5094 [vodead] 78850.39r 0.01u 0.15s 0% 7912k

State vodead

If I use the truss command to trace system calls on the find process or on my Syncthing process they’re both completely empty. No output at allt.

Here is my Syncthing process, the state seems to be STOP (I’ve tried to kill it) but it’s still running.

46602 donnex        3  20    0   202M   189M STOP    6  25.6H   0.00% syncthing

As I said I’m not sure if this is related to Syncthing or FreeBSD/zfs, maybe you guys have an idea? Is there anything I can do to debug Syncthing and check if there is anything weird going on?

At this point I’ll soon just reboot the server and hope that the problem goes away.

What happens when you send a SIGCONT?

Unfortunately nothing at all happens.

Well syncthing is not intercepting any system calls, so its most likely the disk, filesystem or the kernel.

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