Combination of best status bar wrappers

There are a number of ST status trays/bars available:

(there are probably more)

Could I suggest a cross-platform merge of the best features of each of these, into one application. I think a status bar is a must-have feature for ST and it would be great if something like this was included in the core ST download, instead of as separate community contributions.

The well-designed dropbox status bar could additionally provide some good ideas.

If only I could code to help out…:confused:

Good idea.

(Also thanks for your suggestions by mail :wink: ) - If anyone is missing a feature in QSyncthingTray, it might be worth adding to the “Issues” list on Github. I went ahead and added a couple I’m hoping to get done during winter holidays:

It’s easier said than done, as essentially you have to have every platform you support available to build on natively, killing crosscompiling

True. Considering @sieren’s QSyncthingTray is already for Linux, Mac & Windows, building on that might be the ideal solution. Perhaps his build could eventually be included in the core ST download. I’m just advocating more focus on one app for the benefit of ST. :smile:

What about arm, arm64 and the new ppc and mips architectures now supported by go?

If you want a cross-platform GUI, how about Syncthing-GTK? :smile:

We currently have GUIs that have had a year or more of development effort, which probably can’t be ported to another project. Building a new cross-platform GUI is a fine goal, but don’t expect anyone to complete it any time soon.

Also, cross-platform UIs have their own set of issues: you often end up with something that doesn’t “feel right” on any of the platforms.

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I think 99% of these architectures are either servers, or Android. It’s totally fine to give x86 priority imo.

I am pretty sure some wierdo will crawl out of their basement and throw GNU manuals at us for not providing a tray icon for his mips os.

But yeah, I feel the traybar is probably minimal enough that it could be adopted and maintained by us and shipped as standard.


Definitely agree, I’m too lazy to install it manually :stuck_out_tongue:

And for lots of people, it’s probably too complicated.