Collecting / backup client

hi guys.

I wonder if a syncthing client could collect all files of the syncthing cluster without deleting any of them (like a syncthing-backup server is collecting and updating existing files but not deleting) Example: I’m syncing all my mp3 files over two win-clients and one “big-cloud” linux client @ the data center, which is globally accessible.

I would like to setup a second backup-cloud instance to backup all ever seen files of the cluster. The “folder-master” feature is not adequate for this purpose because it will not update any files right?

This has been suggested a few times, but not really specified fully and I didn’t see a Github issue with a quick search (but it’s a bit messy in there) so it might be worth doing that.

I would open a issue but got no git account… but created one at transifex :wink:

Transifex isn’t really a suitable forum for code-related issues…

what it means: I won’t open up another account (beside the transifex account) I just dont need git account…

but anyway I want to help syncthing by translating… :wink:

It is very similar to this Github issue:

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