Collect documentation into github wiki

Great. I didn’t like having the documentation in a forum either - it just felt unorganized.

Maybe update the “Getting started” link on to point directly at the Wiki?

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Fixed, thanks for noticing.

Wow! Thanks a lot Jakob. Honestly, I did not expect the documentation to change. But you are beyond awesome :slight_smile:

I cloned the documentation wiki and noticed the pdf directory. I tried converting a few .md to pdf and it seems to have worked. If I did it correctly, I ended up with several pdfs, one corresponding to each .md file. I am guessing only Getting-Started.pdf will be included as documentation, which is concise and to the point.

I was thinking to add an option/script to output a single pdf file with all the wiki pages as different sections of the pdf. Does that sounds reasonable/useful?

Cool! It was somewhat painful to get the dependencies right on my setup, so I’m impressed it worked out of the box for you. :slight_smile: But yes, that’s the intention. There are some caveats with the pdf generation, specifically it doesn’t understand wiki-style [[link]]s, requires a certain format for images, etc, so basically the PDF output needs to be kept in mind when writing the original markdown content.

Indeed it does. This can almost be done with pandoc, just passing it all the markdown files on the command line and it concatenates them. But then they don’t get a heading per file, and adding the header to each file is redundant when viewed on the wiki.