Close Synctrayzor, keep Syncthing running?

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when Synctrayzor is closed via the tray icon, does Syncthing continue to run in the background then, or is it also closed?

No, SyncTrayzor terminates syncthing upon exit (when fully closed instead of minimizing to tray)

Thank you!

Is there a way to hide the SyncTrayzor tray icon?

i.e. – open the SyncTrayzor window by starting the *.exe again, or similar?

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Thanks – this however only seems to move the icon to the “sub-tray”, but not hide it completely (unlike the Windows system tray icons, which seem to disappear completely this way).

Can this be done with the SyncTrayzor tray icon as well…?

If you kill SyncTrayzor using task manager it will leave syncthing running.

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Please no…

Either you want an os integration, then run Synctrayzor and enjoy its (potentially hidden) tray icon. Or you just run Syncthing on it’s own and not have an icon in the first place.

Seriously, if your only problem is a hidden tray icon, let it go and enjoy your fine, trouble-free evening.


Thanks @imsodin you for your opinion, which of course I understand.

Please also note that I believe that I was only asking a question :o

I doesnt use GTK or Trayzor or any other tools in such way. For me the best solution was, to start syncthing as an hidden task and to contact the GUI with the web browser ( on Windows, on Synology NAS´s).


Thank you Andy.

Does syncthing have a GUI that way at all? I thought the GUI was provided by Synctrayzor, even the GUI in the browser?

The browser GUI is provided by Syncthing’s builtin webserver.


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