cloning a syncthing-server

I’m currently syncing several folders from my computers to my syncthing-“server” (Mostly over the internet).

Now, I want to add another redundant server in the same network. But since my folders are pretty big, I don’t want to resync all of them.

What’s the easiest way to clone my existing server?

Ideally, I just want to plugin the new harddrive into the old server1. Copy all the files from hdd1 to hdd2 (locally) and then plug that drive into server2.

Is that going to work? Or will syncthing try to resync all the stuff, because it didn’t sync them by itself.?

Also, can I just copy/paste the config.xml from server1 to server2?

You can copy the files and the index database, fixup the configuration if any paths change, remove the keys, and then tie them together. This is probably fastest.

Or you can copy just the files, set Syncthing up from scratch and let it scan the files to build the database, and then add it to the cluster. This is safer as there is less risk of mismatch between the files and the index.

Either way Syncthing will not transfer data it already has.

Maybe set one existing device to send-only for the duration of the operation, to avoid disasters in case you make a mistake.

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