Clients cannot connect to each other via relay

Hello everyone,

I was using syncthing for a while but a few months back it stopped working.

I use a server with a relay-server and a client (v1.18.2) on it. The client is successfully connected to the “local” relay-server (I’m using docker, so its another container). On my desktop I have also a client v1.18.3-rc1 which is successfully connected to the relay-server (both clients show “Listener 1/1” and I can see the relay server there when I click on it).

Unfortunately these two clients can not see each other. They show up on both web interfaces as “Disconnected”. Local and Global discovery is enabled on both clients.

Does anyone has an idea whats the problem? Im clueless.

Thanks in advance!!

Can the other device reach the relay on the same address as the first device does? Because that’s the address Syncthing will report to discovery. You can see the addresses it uses to try to connect in the GUI if you expand the (remote) device.

No the relay address was different as the docker client used another address. But I added now an alias for the relay in docker, so it has the same hostname that I use with my desktop client. Now its working again!! Thanks a lot!!!

For everyone coming across here because of the same issue using docker: add to your relay service an alias for the network that your dockerized syncthing client is in (the example uses the “default” network).

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