chinese version of docs

Hello,Mr Syncthing.Fist of all,thank you for giving us syncthing which is very good.I’m a chinese phper from china.I’d like to use syncthing to sync my web file.But,my English is no good,I can not red the docs.Just as we know ,sycnthing has ‘his’ chinese version。So,would you please publish a chinese version of docs? There are thousands of soft developer in a chinese docs not only can bring benefit to thousands of soft chinese developer,but also can be helpful to spread syncthing in the whole word. Looking forward to your kind reply.(

Syncthing is community driven, so we would need someone to contribute (and commit to maintaining) a Chinese translation of the docs. With that in place I’d be happy to serve Chinese documentation.

Thank you for your reply,and I am using “google translate” to read docs.

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