Check if all _local_ files are synced

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On our site we have 70+ laptops syncing the same folder. From time to time Syncthing needs to be uninstalled from a machine using a powershell script. Before uninstalling, we have to make sure that all local files have been transferred. Incoming transfer errors are irrelevant in this scenario. As far as I understand needItems (rest/db/completion) gives me the number of missing incoming files. I need the exact oposite: the number of of missing outgoing files. I am searching for a while now but haven’t found a solution up to now … :frowning_face: Any hints are appreciated!

You want to check for the completion of a remote device. If it’s at 100%, then all files have been uploaded to there.

Hi calmh! Unfortunatelly not. Completion says 99.99866903685859. There are tree files (needItems = 3), that can’t be downloaded but all locally changed files are uploaded correctly.

Ooops … reading twice and then thinking about it sometimes helps … Sure, I can check the remote device. there the needItems should be 0! I will look into that! :slight_smile:

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