Changing big files, long synctime

Hello, here my setup: Laptop with ST, Mac Mini with ST. On both is installed virtualbox, I use a VM that i share in ST. After I changed something in my VM on Mac, my Laptop takes very long to update the change. Doesn’t ST only syncs the actual changes? It seems like ST copies the local file and applies the changes to my Laptop. On my Mac, it’s faster because it has a SSD. Here a screenshot of my Laptop syncing the VM (vdi). Somehow it’s also double…

Disk usage by Laptop while syncing:

Files are never modified in place, so it is copied, yes.

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I can’t recall what the colors in the progress bar mean from the top of my head, so the progress bars don’t mean much. If it means it’s redownloading stuff then it could be because bytes àre added (oppose to being modified) in the beginning or middle of the file.

The problem however is that your disk is at 100% utilization while only at 10Mbps speed

Disk usage says sometimes 100% at 50+ Mbs, so I don’t really get the point why ST copies that “slowly”. I guess it is only downloading the changes, and creates a copy with the changes. But I don’t get it why it copies sometimes very slowly and sometimes faster (50-60Mbs).

It copies as fast as it can. So slow or fast is coming from your disk and not syncthing.

If there are other applications accessing the disk, slow makes sense as the disk is thrashing to satisfy requests of two different applocations with a single spindle. Thats just how disks work. I suggest you check seek times on the drive.

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