change SyncTrayzor to new user

Hello, I have been running SyncTrayzor on about 4 machines. All 4 machines were part of a domain and were completely synchronized. I have moved one of the 4 machines to a remote site which is not part of the domain. I had to un-join the machine from the domain and create a new local user on the non-domain machine. When logged in as the new local user, when I launch SyncTrayzor as the new user, Syncthing comes up with only the one unused folder. Is there a way to move the old configuration files from the domain user to the new local user so my old Syncthing configuration will show up? The domain user folder is still on the machine. I am just trying to find a way that I can run SyncTrayzor as a different user and not have to re-synchronize all 4 million files again.

You need to move the Syncthing config dir from the one user to the other. It should be somthing like syncthing or .syncthing inside %appdata%.

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Syncthing configuration is in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Syncthing by defualt. SyncTrayzor’s config (which you probably don’t care about) is in %APPDATA%\SyncTrayzor.

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