Change ping interval on private relay server

Hi there,

I am testing a private relay server (+ a private discovery server) with 2 syncthing ‘clients’: one of the debian host running the relay and discovery servers and another one running on a laptop. Things work fine if I stick to the timeout parameters default values but I would like that the following messages “listener.go:117: Message protocol.Pong from DGWMVF6-ES6UI7M-…” be less frequent than 1 minute. I started tweaking strelayserver ping-interval parameter to something like 10 and afterwards 5 minutes but the connection between the two clients became unstable (every now and then the ‘laptop’ client reports that it cannot connect to the other). I have tried tweaking ping-interval and message-timeout but no big changes and lastly I have tried playing with ping-interval, message-timeout and network-timeout (10 mins for network-timeout while ping-interval and message-timeout set to 5 mins); but to no avail.

Anyone can kindly shed some lights and/or let me know if I am going in a completely wrong direction…


Can you explain why?

If it is about why I want to change the ping interval, it’s mainly because I would like the relay server to be as silent as possible (I guess the ping message payload is not very big but if I have the possibility of reducing the payload per hour ou per day to a minimum, I’ll rather go for it); I have no big need to be up to date to the minute.

If it is about why it’s not working; that’s what I would like to know and I’ll be interested in any means or hint about how to investigate.

It’s about the why wanting to reduce the interval. The ping message is 4 bytes, sent every minute. If you increase the ping interval, it wil take this much longer to realise the connection is dead and to reattempt to reconnect.

Ping interval might have to be adjusted on the client too, yet I suspect it’s not documented and you’ll have to dive into the relay client code to figure how to adjust it.

Hi Audrius,

Thanks for your feedback… I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

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